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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jeaneen Gauthier of Jan podcast now available on HowWasTheShow

On Thursday, September 27th Jan (aka Jeaneen Gauthier) will release her new EP "Everything Must Go” on Guilt Ridden Pop. She's been celebrating all month with a residency at the Nomad World Pub where she's been joined by some of her friends in the local music scene including The Cates, David Beckey of the Autumn Leaves, The Mad Ripple and more. On Thursday, she'll be joined by her own band, which includes Jacques Wait on bass (who also produced the record) and drummer Nick Hook. Also on the bill Thursday will be Colonial Vipers Attack and Deep Pool.

Jeaneen stopped by HowWasTheShow this week to talk about her new EP and graced us with a yet-to-be-released song in our studio, which in this particular case meant my living room.

This podcast includes the songs "Summer Slips Away" (a shimmery live in-studio recording) and "Heaven" from her new EP.

Visit the podcast page here, or listen or download this 20 minute podcast from this direct link: