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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Elvis Perkins in Minneapolis

There are some people out there who still don't know who Elvis Perkins is. And I've talked to some people who had heard he is the son of Anthony Perkins (true) but weren't aware of what a truly awesome songwriter and performer he is in his own right, all ties to familial fame aside. Elvis Perkins is the real deal.

Perkin's debut album, Ash Wednesday, has been out since early 2007 on XL Recordings and it's one of my favorite national releases this year. Fans of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen will surely enjoy him, but I think it's fair to say he really found his own distinct voice early in his career, and I hope there's a lot more to come.

Elvis Perkins is in Minneapolis tonight and tomorrow for shows at the Fine Line (tonight) and 400 Bar tomorrow. You will kick yourself later if you missing seeing him.

I caught up with Elvis Perkins at the Borderline in London this summer (see above photo) and in case my photo set got buried in the rest of my travel images, I provide this link to that set here:

Note in my photo Elvis is playing a guitar called "Kid Harpoon." Where it came from, no one seemed to know. It just turned up on stage after Perkins started having technical difficulties with his pickup early in the set. Here's to Kid!

Also on that London bill was an up and coming band called The Wallbirds, who provided a perfectly complimentary yet distinct set and who are selling out shows all over England now after an appearance at the Reading/Leeds Festival in August.