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Friday, September 14, 2007

HowWasTheShow Podcasts ready for prime time!

The September, 2007 CD Review Podcast recorded for is now available for your listening pleasure. Each month, the HowWasTheShow staff gathers to share new local music and talk about why they like it. Fortunately for you, they record these conversations so you can listen in.

Listen to the latest edition of the podcast here.

If I don't say so myself (I act as host), the September edition really shows the HowWasTheShow staff getting the hang of this "radio on the internet" thing.

Songs played and discussed this month:

“Solstice” by The Dale Hush Hush, “Happyhappyhappy” by Rich Mattson, “In The Movies” by Glorious Monster, “Eisenhower is the Father” by Best Friends Forever, and "An Imagined Civil State” by Fort Wilson Riot.

Also, the HowWasTheshow podcast interview with Fort Wilson Riot about their indie-rock opera Idigaragua is still available here.

Don't touch that dial! There's a lot more excitement planned for the coming months.