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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Two Shows at Mario's this week - Raven's Birthday (Wednesday) and Jessy Greene (Thursday)


It's Raven's birthday (May 4th.) The man once called the "world's oldest living teenager" will play with his full band and special guest Apryl Electra at his weekly "London's Calling" event at Mario's Keller Bar. He promises free UK Cake. UKake? Worth showing up just to find out what that might be. And, of course, to wish Raven another happy 19th birthday.


(Also at Mario's)

This following report comes to us from HowWasTheShow's Nancy Jane Meyer.

Jessy Green

Jessy Greene and members of Hieruspecs (including this site's Steve McPherson's brother Sean McPherson on bass) will play their first show this year (Hieruspecs have been busy on tour) at Mario's Keller Bar this Thursday at 9:30. Multi-instrumentalist Greene, who has performed on Twin Cities stages with everyone from the Jayhawks and Golden Smog to Chan Poling and Soul Asylum, will debut new material, which she says "sounds hip-hop with a definitive rock edge." Since last fall, Greene has been experimenting with her style and sound, opening for Joseph Arthur with her acoustic ensemble of John Munson (Semisonic) Joanna James and...the aforementioned Steve McPherson (Yes, we're as inbred here at howwastheshow as an Appalaichan shack clan...but it's a small town, what can we say.) In the past few months, Greene has been back and forth to L.A. to work with a producer who had been working on a J. Lo project, and she hopes to release her second CD soon. Landing Gear will follow at 11, and Mario's beer tent will be open for business. Brost! - NJM