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Monday, May 16, 2005

KQ Homegrown moves to Sunday night at 10PM on Drive 105

For the past 8 years the award winning, local music specialty program "KQ Homegrown" hosted by Mei Young and co-host Dave Campbell has featured live in studio appearances from Minnesota bands and musicians on KQRS at 92.5 FM.

Starting Sunday, May 22nd, the program (which will now be called just "Homegrown") moves to Drive 105 at 105.1, 105.3 and 105.7 on the FM dial at the new, more school-night friendly time slot of 10PM.

Homegrown's very first show on Drive 105 will feature a live performance by The Deaths. And special guests Anna Lee, Kate Galloway, and David de Young (yup, I'm writing myself into the news again) will stop by to talk about Voltage: Fashion Amplified which is scheduled for Wednesday, May 25th at First Avenue. Sunday's Homegrown show will include Voltage compilation CD and Voltage 05 ticket giveaways.

Why the change?

Last night's KQ Homegrown was part of Mei Young's final shift at KQRS where she has been for the past 18 years.

Today Young started a new position at Drive 105 as Promotions Director and Midday Personality (10 AM to 3PM). It was agreed that in Young's move from KQ to Drive 105 that the popular Homegrown program would come right along with her.

In a press release sent out Friday to friends and colleages, Young included a top 10 list of the differences between working the overnight shift at KQ and her exciting new DAY job (emphasis on the DAY.)

Here are the last four items:

7. You can now call me before noon.
8. You can’t call after 2am anymore.
9. Might have to add more daytime minutes to my cell plan.
10. Happy Hours aren’t just for breakfast anymore!
Until listeners catch on to the the Homegrown move, the program will be a rebroadcast on tape delay on KQ at midnight.

Local radio listeners may note one drawback is that Homegrown now airs at the same time as Jason Nagel's Minnesota Music on Cities 97 (Sunday's at 10PM.) From a community perspective, scheduling these two programs on top of each other effectively decreases the number of hours devoted to local music in this market. For now, I'll be taping one program and listening to the other live, as both remain required listening for the local music fan.

A new and improved Homegrown website is in the works and its e-mail address remains