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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Gang of Four Roars at Quest Club

My full review of the Gang of Four's appearance at the Quest Club last night will be on the main site in a day or so. I must say it was one of the best Quest shows I have seen in some time.

If you didn't go, you missed a hell of a time. This is one show that should have sold out in minutes. And didn't sell out at all. A shame.

The two word version of my review reads simply, "They roared!" They sounded great, they looked great, and the image of Jon King beating on a microwave with a baseball bat for almost the entirety of "He'd Send in the Army" is an image that will probably linger in my brain for the rest of my life.

And oh, the catharsis of singing along on the "I'm kissing you goodbye goodbye goodbye" closing lines to "Damaged Goods," which came as the second encore. Christ. About the only thing that beats that is singing along with the Buzzcocks until you're hoarse on the "There" at the end of "I Believe."

Radio 4's opening set was not shabby either.

Here's the set list. If anyone there can tell me what the fourth song was it will be greatly appreciated.

1. Return The Gift (Entertainment)
2. Not Great Men (Entertainment)
3. Ether (Entertainment)
4. ????
5. Paralyzed (Solid Gold)
6. What We All Want (Solid Gold)
7. Anthrax (Entertainment)
8. Why Theory? (Solid Gold)
9. At Home He's A Tourist (Entertainment) (Dedicated to Bruuuuuce -- This ones for bruuuce)
10.He’d Send In The Army (Solid Gold)
11.Natural’s Not In It (Entertainment)
12. To Hell With Poverty (Another Day Another Dollar EP)


1. We Live as We Dream Alone (Songs of the Free)
2. Damaged Goods (Entertainment)
3. I Found That Essence Rare (Entertainment)