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Friday, December 10, 2004

KQ Homegrown Annual Critics show Sunday 12/12/04

"How many music writers does it take to screw up a radio show?" Chris Riemenschneider mused in his weekly local music column today.

Get your answer Sunday night December 12th when KQ Homegrown hosts its annual "Critics Show" with guests slated to include Rob Van Alstyne of Pulse Twin Cities Chris Riemenschneider of The Star Tribune, Ross Raihala of The Pioneer Press, Melissa Maerz of The City Pages, Rich Horton of Rift Magazine, Christopher Bahn of The Onion, and David de Young (that's me) of

Each writer will present one of the songs that he or she liked best in 2004.

Homegrown co-host Mei Young tells me the show format will be loose and conversational and could go just about anywhere.

Be prepared to stay up late! This show runs longer than most.