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Friday, December 31, 2004

Greetings from Chicago

Five of my friends from Dublin flew all the way here from Ireland to see the final Guided By Voices shows at the Metro last night and tonight. Initially worried how my Irish friends might find the Chicago winter, I am flabbergasted to find temperatures that are veritably balmy. It feels more like Spring than mid-winter, but I'm not going to complain. Though I'm wishing I brought a lighter jacket. (Current relative temperatures at writing? Chicago: 55F, Dublin: 45F. Who woulda thunk?)

The Gingerman bar, right next door to the Metro filled up steadily pre-show last night as an ever-growing line formed waiting for the 8:30 door time. Extra tickets were actually easy to come by, though I forewent the opportunity to purchase two for last night. Not a big enough Guided By Voices fan. Sue me. I had no trouble unloading my extra one for Friday night, however. (At face value, of course, despite the fact that at least one person on the Postal Blowfish listserver was attempting to unload a pair for $345.)

I haven't seen this much craziness revolving a round an event since the Pixies kickoff performance in Minneapolis in April. But as I said then, tickets have a way of finding their way into the hands of those who need them. One of my friends from Ireland had actually flown all this way without one. No need, therefore, to try to hard to get rid of my extra.

I'm not sure what kind of a show review if any I'll have of GBV tonight. I may, however, report on the mania.

I'm WAY behind on show reviews, and a year end wrapup of music is probably just under a week off. I failed to to cast my votes in time for the Star Trib critics poll so I'll need to make recompense for that by publishing a list sometime in the first week of the new year. With the hindsight of seeing everyone elses's list first, perhaps I can tackle the task of addressing the oversights.