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Friday, November 12, 2004

Judge gives First Avenue's landlords OK to reopen

Judge gives First Avenue's landlords OK to reopen: "'Did we get the keys yet?'" Steve McClellan asked one of his attorneys after a ruling in federal bankruptcy court that cleared the way for First Avenue to reopen pending a judges signature.

Read the story on what's next for First Avenue in the Star Trib here. And in the Pioneer Press here, and a late update here including words from Steve McClellan and Nate Kranz on what's next for the club.

With First Avenue probably re-opening next week, is there still time to move Ike Reilly's traditional Thanksgiving Eve show back to First Avenue from the Triple Rock? Sorry, according to Reilly's booking agent, Craig Grossman of Vamp Music Source, contractual obligations will keep that show at the West Bank venue where it was moved.