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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

HowWasTheShow's Presidential Election Prediction: Kerry Wins

Like any cynic, especially one steeped in undergraduate political science studies, I don't trust the polls or the papers. So to determine the outcome of today's presidential election, I did what any rock critic worth his salt would do: I consulted the Tarot.

Here is my projection based on that reading.

Card 1 - The Sun (inverted)

Recently I saw a photo of a bouncing baby Bush (W) in the New York Times where he has held by his daddy in 1955. Baby bush was wearing cowboy boots, shorts, and bore the goofy childlike grin that still remains on his face most times to this day. The image of the small child on horseback on the Sun card of the Rider-Waite Tarot was clearly W. (In this case "Sun" obviously equates to "Son.") Inverted, this card indicates that W will indeed be toppled from his horse. Bush's day in the sun is over, and Kerry is likely to win the election.

Card 2 - The Devil

Here's the bad news. There is likely more mischief already afoot and more mischief that will be brought to light in this election than in any contest in recent history, including the fiasco known as Indecision 2000. Prepare for the worst, including having no clear result of the winner of the election by tomorrow morning or Bush winning the election questionably as he did in 2000.

Disclaimer: HowWasTheShow polled absolutely no people to arrive at this forecast. It has a margin of error of 100%.