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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

DJ Jake Rudh & TRANSMISSION club night exit downtown for South Minneapolis Hexagon Bar

Debut set for Wednesday, November 24th (10PM to 2AM)

DJ Jake Rudh at the Loring Pasta Bar - howwastheshow file photo by David de Young

After two years (has it really been that long?) tonight will be DJ Jake Rudh's final night in residence downtown Minneapolis' Imperial Room. Tonight Jake will be featuring "Meet the Beatles" as the CD of the week, and "She Said She Said" as the song of the week as he celebrates the reissue of the first four Beatles albums on CD..."Meet the Beatles", "The Beatles Second Album", "Something New" and the "Beatles 65". He tells me he sent Ringo a postcard (I believe him) asking him to make an appearance, so keep your fingers crossed.

Where's Transmission going next? It's set to re-debut Wednesday, November 24th from 10PM to 2AM at the Hexagon Bar in South Minneapolis. (2600 27th Ave. S in Minneapolis near the Stardust Lanes)

Jake's DJ nights have always been a personal favorite of mine, nights when you can mingle and chat with local rock stars and fans alike and take a break from live music as many of us need to do from time to time. (On occasion, however, Rudh does feature acoustic performances by some of the Twin Cities finest musical offerings.) It's been a place where people who have been informal acquaintences from the live music scene have turned into real live friends.

Background: Prior to organizing "TRANSMISSION " at the Imperial Room, DJ Jake Rudh spent 8 years as DJ-in-residence at some of the Twin Cities premiere club spaces, including Jitters, Ground Zero, The Front, Loring Pasta Bar & the Kitty Kat Club. In addition, he was named "Best DJ" by City Pages for two consecutive years (2003/2004) and has been featured in numerous articles in the Strib, PiPress, MN Monthly, Rake, City Pages (and even and is a frequent guest on local radio, promoting the work of regional and national artists on Cities 97, Radio K and Drive 105.

Over the past two years, DJ Jake Rudh has mined his connections both local & national to bring Twin Cities music fans an array of themed nights at "TRANSMISSION", featuring CD / DVD & other prize giveaways from major & Indie labels. Jake has also been a longtime supporter of the local music scene: one of the few DJs playing local music locally on a regular basis, he has offered frequent live showcases for emerging local artists, including: Revolver Modele, Friends Like These, Coach Said Not To, Idle Hands, Shadow Box (sounds a little bit like last year's Voltage lineup, doesn't it?)and many others.

In the tradition of Lees, Mayslacks & the Chatterbox, the Hexagon Bar is a long-time Minneapolis bar space now featuring a consistent schedule of cutting-edge live music and DJ nights. Always a friend to local music, the Hexagon Bar welcomes DJ Jake Rudh & "TRANSMISSION" beginning Wednesday, November 24th.