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Friday, December 11, 2009

Hootenanny and staving concert breaks out at Dusty's during Eliza Blue Cookie Exchange

Joel Bremer and Eliza Blue

Jim Walsh and friends hoot.

Eliza Blue held a cookie exchange and concert at Dusty's in Northeast Minneapolis Thursday night with her friend Joel Bremer, a fiddle player from Sweden.

Jim Walsh and Kari Tauring were both on hand which ultimately turned the event into part Hootenanny, part Norwegian staving concert.

The casual atmosphere gave me a perfect chance to test out the new live UStream app for the iPhone and spontaneously broadcast part of the show over the internet. (Jason DeRusha from WCCO was one of the viewers.)

You may have tuned in to see Kari Tauring staving along to the Norwegian song, "Vem Kan Segla" which she learned from a Norwegian camera man named Martin when she was a contestant on the Norwegian reality tv show "Alt for Norge!" in early 2009.

And if you were lucky, you stayed tuned in long enough to see this, Joel Bremer playing a Swedish Christmas Carol.

Or this, Joel and Eliza performing reprising The Replacements song, "Here Comes a Regular," which they had played at the Replacements Tribute at First Avenue a couple weeks ago.

Later on, Brianna Lane showed up. Here's another Replacements song, "Skyway," performed with Jim Walsh and Joel Bremer, captured by Kari on my FlipCam.


sara montour said...

awwww, I miss you guys!