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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Minnesota Albums released in 2009

As I prepare to file my ballot to the Star Tribune for their annual Twin Cities Critics Poll, it's become a custom on my part to share the list that Chris Riemenschneider assembles annually to help jog our memories on what albums came out this year. This list is vaguely in alphabetical order and as extensive as it is, it is still not comprehensive. I share it in hopes people will post in the comments the names of albums that have been left off the list. I also share it to demonstrate yet again just how much great music comes out of Minnesota every single year. (Bolded items only indicate albums I have in my own personal collection or that I have listened to in full.)

  • Ada Jane, “Again … Again”
  • The Alarmists, "The Overhead Left”
  • Anders Ponders, “Nodes of Overtones”
  • Arms Akimbo, “You Want To”
  • Aquarelle, “Slow Circles”
  • The Arrest
  • Avenpitch, "Cast Off"
  • Banner Pilot, “Collapser”
  • Chris Bates, Jay Epstein & Chris Olson, “Framework”
  • Bill Mike Band, “Truce”
  • Birds of Virginia, “Trees at Dusk”
  • Bitch N’ Brown (self-titled)
  • BK-One, “RĂ¡dio do Canibal.”
  • Erik Brandt, "Sometimes”
  • Brother Ali, “Us”
  • Brother Ali, “The Truth Is Here” EP
  • Brutal Becomings, "White Lodge"
  • James Buckley, "Knowing and Losing"
  • Bunny Clogs, "More! More! More!"
  • The Chord and the Fawn, “This Has To Be Meant To Be”
  • Ben Connelly, “The Great I Don't Know Why”
  • Big Quarters, "From the Home of Brown Babies & White Mothers."
  • Black Blondie, "Do You Remember Who You Wanted to Be"
  • Capitol Sons, “Dirty Neon”
  • Tim Casey & Martyrs, “Boom”
  • Casanatra, "Death Ride"
  • The Chord and the Fawn, “M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I,”
  • The Chambermaids, “Down in the Berries.”
  • Chastity Brown, “Sankofa”
  • Chooglin’, “Sweet Time”
  • Crossing Guards, “Revenge of the Tall Boys”
  • The Danforths, "Amphibian"
  • Daughters of the Sun, "Rings,"
  • Desdamona, "Inkling"
  • Doomtree, “False Hopes XV”
  • Jay Epstein, Anthony Cox & Bill Carrothers, “Easy Company”
  • The Evening Rig, "Is Doing Stuff"
  • Eyedea & Abilities, "By the Throat"
  • Farewell Milwaukee, “Autumn Rest Easy”
  • Franz Diego, s/t
  • Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, “Lookin’ for a Little Strange”
  • Gay Beast, "Second Wave,"
  • Gay Witch Abortion, “Maverick”
  • John Gorka, “So Dark You See”
  • Gospel Gossip, "Dreamland" and “Drift” EPs
  • Grey Skies, “New Leaf”
  • Guante and Big Cats, “An Unwelcome Guest”
  • Gypsymania, “Hot Club Swing Jazz”
  • Halloween, Alaska, "Champagne Downtown"
  • Grant Hart, “Hot Wax”
  • Nancy Harms, “In the Indigo”
  • Haunted House, “Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner”
  • Heatbox, “System”
  • His Mischief, “The Perfect Lover”
  • Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, “Traveling Show”
  • Honeydogs, “Sunshine Committee”
  • Ice Palace, “Wonder Softly Crushing Us”
  • Idle Hands, "The Hearts We Broke on the Way to the Show"
  • Ingo Bethke (self-titled)
  • Maria Isa, “Street Politics”
  • Dan Israel, "See the Morning Light"
  • Roger James Quartet, “Pink and Green Blues”
  • Mason Jennings, “Blood of Man”
  • Roger Johnson, “Stag Cotillion”
  • Junkyard Empire, “Rebellion Politik”
  • Kill to Kill, “Fighter”
  • Kill the Vultures, “Ecce Beast”
  • Koerner & Glover, "Live @ the 400 Bar"
  • Lonesome Dan Kase, "So Glad I'm Livin'"
  • Lookbook, “Wild at Heart”
  • Gary Louris & Mark Olson, “Ready for the Flood”
  • Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles, “Special Party Time for Everyone”
  • Lusurfer, “Vulgar Display of Reverb”
  • Lynhurst, “Field Day”
  • Kill the Vultures, "Ecce Beast"
  • Mark Mallman, "Invincible Criminal"
  • Mally, “The Passion”
  • Man Is Doomed, “Escape to Europa”
  • Marvelle, “Marvelle”
  • Mayda, "The Interrogation"
  • Mercurial Rage, “Cascade”
  • Paul Metsa & Sonny Earl, “No Money Down”
  • Paul Metzger, “Anamnestic Tincture”
  • Military Special, “Civil Union”
  • Sam Miltich & Dave Karr, “Darn That Dream”
  • Monroe Crossing, “Heartache & Stone”
  • Mood Swings, “Recessionista”
  • More Than Lights, “The Electric Prescription for All Your Funky Illz”
  • Chris Morrissey, “The Modern World”
  • Mouthful of Bees, s/t
  • New Congress, “Anguish, Love & Romance”
  • Nicholas Mrozinski, "Together We're Stronger"
  • Willie Murphy, “A Shot of Love in a Time of Need”/“Autobiographical Notes”
  • No Bird Sing, “No Bird Sing”
  • Keri Noble, “Keri Noble”
  • Omaur Bliss, "Dirty v2.0" & Dirty v3.0"
  • Orange Mighty Trio, "Infrastructure"
  • Owl City, "Ocean Eyes"
  • P.O.S., “Never Better”
  • Pert Near Sandstone, “Out on a Spree”
  • Peter Wolf Crier, “Inter-Be”
  • Pictures of Then, "The Wicked Sea”
  • The Pines, “Tremolo”
  • Andres Ponders, “Nodes of Overtones”
  • Prince, “Lotus Flow3r”/“Mplsound”/“Bria Valente”
  • Prof and St. Paul Slim, "Recession Music."
  • Red Pens, “Reasons”
  • Quietdrive, “Close Your Eyes”
  • Sara Renner, "All for Love"
  • Rivet, self-titled
  • Rockford Mules, "From Devil's Spit to Angel Tears,"
  • Room for Gray, "The Next Step."
  • Tina Schlieske, "Evil Gal Blues”
  • Brad Senne, "Aerial Views,"
  • 757s, "Freeway Surrender"
  • So It Goes, "The Quick Fix,"
  • Six Mile Grove, "Steel Mule"
  • Slug w/ Murs & Aesop Rock, “Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez”
  • Speed’s the Name, “Swell”
  • Spiritual Mansions, “Touched”
  • Starfolk/Typsy Panthre, “Lemon-Lime EP”
  • Story of the Sea, "Lunar Co."
  • The Tisdales, "Baker's Dozen”
  • Total Babe, “Heatwave EP”
  • Trio Tipo, “Costa Del Sol”
  • 20 Dollar Love, “High Dr.”
  • Trio Tipo, “Costa del Sol”
  • The Twilight Hours, “Stereo Night”
  • Two Harbors, “All the Places We Would Rather Be”
  • UltraChorus, “Ultra-Def”
  • Unknown Prophets, “Le System D”
  • Valley Few, self-titled EP
  • Vampire Hands, “Hannah in the Mansion”
  • Various, “TC Electropunk, Vol. 5,”
  • Various, “Headwater Blues, Vol. 1”
  • Various, “The Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. 1”
  • Vibro Champs, “Mr. International”
  • We Are the Willows, “A Collection of Sounds and Something Like the Plague”
  • Wild Colonial Bhoys, “Live … What’s It to Ya?!”
  • Alicia Wiley, “Halfway Home”
  • Aby Wolf, "Sweet Prudence"
  • Wooldridge Brothers, "Days Went Around."
  • Toki Wright, “A Different Mirror”
  • Xross, "Tell 'Em tha Truth"
  • Yeltzi, "Snow in August"
  • Michael Yonkers/Blind Shake, “Cold Town/Soft Zodiac”
  • Zebulon Pike, “Intransience”
  • Zoo Animal, “Young Blood”


David said...

Eric Bass added this list over on Facebook. Thought it should be copied in here.

"The Sunny Era - This Darkness Of Love
The Pundits - Echo Chamber
The Sextons - The Sextons
Nightinghales - No Looking Back
Janey Winterbauer + Marc Perlman - 25:32:47 - EP
The Humbugs - On The Up Side"

Eric said...

A couple more I ran across while pondering favorites of the year.

Aaron & The Sea - Seconds And Shapes
Romantica - Control Alt Country Delete
The Inwood Radio - Sickle Cell Bohemia
Fantastic Merlins – A Handful of Earth
Peter Lochner - Shame On Me
Me & My Arrow - EP

thecvstrio said...

The CVS Trio also has a record out this year. Check out our Christmas greeting.

Ryan said...

Plasmatic Brain Spasm- Future is Future

2NoHo- Readymade

The Hits said...

Let's not forget--
The Dirty Hits--"The Rumble and the Roar"

Thank you kindly.

Tanqueray77 said...

Listen to Mouthful of Bees all the way through. An amazing and underrated album. Great list!

Tanqueray77 said...

Oh, also missing is Dante and the Lobster, Wonders.