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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Shakespeare in the Parks!

Having experienced Shakespeare in Central Park in New York and Holland Park and Green Park in London, I can speak from experience that there's nothing quite like Shakespeare in the great outdoors.

The Twin Cities theater group, Cromulent Shakespeare Company will give locals a taste of big city theatrical magic this summer as they present Shakespeare's The Tempest, not just in one park, but in more than a dozen parks around the Twin Cities. Directed by Bethany Ford, The Tempest opens Friday, June 5th in Kenwood Park (see full schedule below.)

See the Cromulent web page for performance schedule for a bonus production, "Shakespeare Soup," which runs concurrently but on a different schedule.

The Tempest, William Shakespeare's tale of a great sorcerer who creates a storm that maroons his enemies on a magical island and Shakespeare Soup, an entertaining original script featuring familiar Shakespearean characters and plot adaptations.

The Tempest is directed by Bethany Ford, who directed the critically-acclaimed Sense and Sensibility for Cromulent in 2008. "This simple and streamlined production of The Tempest explores what it means to be human and what is required to achieve balance and therefore peace in the universe," says Ford. "We will move the story forward with fascinating relationships, suspense and comedy."

The Tempest schedule

7 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays, 2 p.m. Sundays, Saturday June 27th at 6:30p.m.
Fri., 6/5 - Kenwood Park
Sat, 6/6 - Lake Harriet Rose Gardens
Sun, 6/7 - Raspberry Park at Harriet Island
Thu., 6/11 - Loring Park
Fri., 6/12 - Powderhorn Park
Sat., 6/13 - Father Hennepin Park
Sun., 6/14 - Como
Tues., 6/16 - Parkers Lake Park, Plymouth
Thu., 6/18 - Washburn Fair Oaks Park
Fri., 6/19 - Riverside Park
Sat., 6/20 - Nokomis Park
Sun., 6/21 - Newell
Thu., 6/25 - Whittier Park
Fri., 6/26 - Phalen
Sat., 6/27 - Caponi Art Park