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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HowWasTheShow 7-Year Anniversary Photos and Videos

(Photo is of HowWasTheShow founder David de Young introducing City Pages Music Editor Andrea Swensson - Photo credit Ben Clark.) celebrated its 7th Anniversary on the internet Friday night, June 12th at the Turf Club in St. Paul with a few hundred of our closest friends. You'd think that since we know most of the music photographers in town, there'd be more pictures of our show. Several photographers were there, as well as several music writers. Thing is, we were having a party, so most of us were off duty, listening to music, drinking, dancing, talking amongst ourselves.

Big Trouble (featuring guest vocalist David Campbell), Communist Daughter, Aby Wolf, and The Inwood Radio all put on inspiring shows and seemed to have enjoyed themselves as much as we did. It was a line-up custom made to receive a good review, especially if we were to give it one ourselves.

I was unable to resist making a few videos with my Flip Mino, however, and in the interest of making a record of the fun we had on Friday night, I've gathered them here together in this blog post. All videos are by me, except the video of Aby Wolf performing with Big Trouble that was shot by Debbie Donovan.

The first video was a definite highlight of the entire night. As Big Trouble whipped out a cover of Wilco's "I'm Always in Love" from Summerteeth, I jumped up to dance along with writers Jim Walsh, Pat O'Brien and musician Rick Widen. For this song I passed off my video camera to City Pages music-editor Andrea Swensson to capture the action.

This next video was shot by Debbie Donovan. Aby Wolf covers Erykah Badu.

Still more videos from the show are available on the HowWasTheShow YouTube site.