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Friday, March 20, 2009

Sara and Shayna report in from Day 3 of SXSW

I believe I told Sara that the more random her reports from SXSW were the the better. After hearing the one she just filed, I think it's clear she took that to heart. Included are a story about their friend Josh volunteering to be clothes-lined by an oar and Shayna telling her own story about running into a man's penis in the middle of the night in the RV while trying to get to her pajamas. (Shayna's aside asking Sara asking if it's okay to say "penis" on her report, is priceless.)

Otherwise, they ran into John Swardson and Steve Marsh at the ill-fated Gophers game watching party. Today they plan to hit up all the Minneapolis kids playing at the Moneyapolis show, including Solid Gold.

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