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Friday, March 20, 2009

First Communion Afterparty at SXSW on KEXP's "wayback machine"

(Photo by Jim Bennet.)

KEXP has a streaming archive, kind of like a way back machine, so you can go back and listen to First Communion Afterparty's SXSW set there YESTERDAY at 5:30 PM Central time in case you missed it.

Go here:

Select Thursday, 3/19, and go back to 3:30 PM and start your stream. (KEXP is on Seattle time, so they're two hours behind Austin right now.)

I wish all radio stations offered retroactive streaming archive of content.

Photos of FCAP on the KEXP blog here:

Edit: Looks like it'll start right up at the beginning of FCAP's set if you use this shortcut I pulled out of my streaming player.