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Monday, January 19, 2009

Tony Nelson Also Rocks!

Many Twin Cities music fans are familiar with Tony Nelson's fantastic photography of music, roller derby, and much more, but did you know he also plays electric guitar in a band? It was actually news to me recently to find out that Tony leads a secret life as a member of local old-school rock outfit Street Hassle. They play punk-influenced rock with its heart in the right place and cite Guided By Voices, The Stooges and The Stones among their influences.

Thursday night, Street Hassle is playing a show at Club Underground along with Sepia Tone - now that sounds like a band named by a photog - and Yellow Minnow. Street Hassle plays at 9:30, so if you high-tail it straight from the Hoot, you can make it.

Twin Cities music photogs, you should like totally go, and like, you know, take photos!

Check out Tony's ongoing photo chronicle of the Mad Ripple Hootenanny here.