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Friday, January 09, 2009

Colonial Vipers return from space and land in Two Harbors

Meet the new band, same as the old band, but with a new name. Twin Cities Ian Brown and Oasis-influenced rockers Colonial Vipers Attack have rebranded themselves as Two Harbors, in what for a band from Minnesota clearly seems a reference to the northern city on Lake Superior.

Singer and guitar player Chris Pavlich says they changed the name because though "Colonial Vipers Attack really rolls off the tongue quite nicely . . . Two Harbors fits the vibe much better."

The old band name was a reference to a type of spaceship used by the humans in the Battlestar Gallactica TV series.

The band plays their first show as Two Harbors at The Turf Club" on Friday, January 23 with Mercurial Rage, We Became Actors and Farewell Milwaukee.

Their CD Release Show is set for March 14th at the Uptown Bar.

Read about Colonial Vipers Attack appearance at Sussedtacular at the Varsity Theater in November, 2008 here.

To see more details about the Turf Club show and to RSVP on Facebook click here:


Anonymous said...

from bad to worse.