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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sam Keenan Weekend

Listening tonight to the latest installment of the Minneapoliscast Podcast. This month Tony Thomas is joined by musical guests Peter Lochner and Sam Keenan, Stook, Kyle Matteson & Steve Mcpherson in the Minneapoliscast Lab (which I understand is another name for Tony's basement) for another roundtable discussion. The show features two exclusive performances from Keenan, "That Was Then" and "Waiting For a Missile," two songs that appear on his brand new album.

Speaking of Sam Keenan, his CD Release Party last night at the Triple Rock (referenced in the above show) was a whole lot of fun. And it was great to hang out with both Andrea Myers (former HowWasTheShow editor and now new City Pages Music Editor) and Bob Longmore (current HowWasTheShow editor.)

Keenan's show as as diverse as his (believe it or not) debut album, All The Dark Colored Markers Have Gone Dry, which sounds almost like a compilation of about five different bands, and that's not a bad thing. the album features XTC-like bouncy pop and at least one song ("Power Play") that is borderline death metal, if not all the way on the other side of that border.

HowWasTheShow's Bob Longmore will have a full review of the show shortly. In the meantime, enjoy these photos from Sam Keenan's CD Release show last night that also features photos of opening bands The Glad Version, North & Chicago's The Pawner's Society.


truetone said...

It's a lab that just happens to have a furnace, water heater, washer and dryer. We multi-task!