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Friday, March 14, 2008

How Stacy Does It

It's David (back in Minneapolis) with a quick editorial comment. First, I for one am loving Stacy's audio blogcast coverage of SXSW. I had envisioned it would be like a series of almost personal sounding voicemails back to the folks at home, and at least for me, that's what they are feeling like, and they've really made me smile and often feel as if I'm almost there.

Also, I'd requested that Stacy send a photo back of what it looks like when she records her audio interviews (she's pictured above while recording her interview with Craig Minowa of Cloud Cult which we posted yesterday), and yes, it does look a little odd doesn't it? Someone ought to invent a microphone-shaped cell phone on a stick for this sort of thing. (Maybe they'll be selling them at the Minnesota State Fair this year?)

Anyway, cheers Stacy. Keep up the great work!


Steve said...

David and Stacy, I think your SXSW coverage here on HWTS might be the best among all of the local media down there.

David said...

Thanks Steve!

I don't think I've ever had so much fun NOT going to a show.