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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't Hang the DJ: Breaking into Radio for Minnesota Musicians

This just in, from your friend and mine, Mei Young.

Find out how to get your songs on the radio.....and have a beer. How can you go wrong?

mnSpin presents a series of free professional development workshops for musicians in partnership with Summit Brewery, the Diverse Emerging Music Organization (D.E.M.O.), Springboard for the Arts, the McNally Smith College of Music, and the Minnesota History Center.

mnSpin Development Workshop

Dont Hang the DJ: Breaking into Radio for Minnesota Musicians

Saturday, March 29, 46 pm, at Summit Brewery, 910 Montreal Circle in St. Paul

***A party sponsored by Summit follows the workshop***


Steve Fingerett, former Music Promoter, Warner Brothers Records/WEA

Steve brings 25+ years of experience as a music promoter to radio for Warner Brothers Records. He has worked with many of the program directors currently running broadcast radio today and can paint a vivid picture of major labels' promotions to radio.

Krista Vilinskis, Co-Owner & Publicist at Tinderbox Music ( and Co-Owner of Princess Records (

Krista Vilinskis has more than 15 years of experience as a music publicist. In 2000, she opened Tinderbox Music, a promotions and distribution company. Tinderbox works with unsigned, indie, and major label artists across the country in obtaining press and radio airplay and specializes in college radio and the artists that fit the CMJ (College Music Journal) and secondary FM and community formats. Tinderbox also provides local, national and digital distribution for artists as well as publishing and music licensing opportunities in television and film.

Princess Records is acting as more of a consulting and support group than a traditional record label. Princess has unified our resources and energies with like minded organizations and individuals, resulting in a small collective of enablers. Artists on the label include: Halloween Alaska, Umbrella Sequence, Jeremy Messersmith, These Modern Socks, Alva Star, Dallas Orbiter, The Great Depression, The Original Mark Edwards, Divorcee and Redstart.


Pushkar, Music Director, Radio K

Pushkar Ojha is currently the music director at Radio K, the University of Minnesota's student-run radio station. He is also into his second year as host of Off the Record, the longest running local music show in the Twin Cities, where local musician Martin Dosh recently played him a birthday serenade.


David Safar, Assistant Music Director, 89.3 The Current


Ellen Stanley, Publicity and Radio Promotion Red House Records, Host of KFAI's Womenfolk, staff writer, Metro Magazine

Phil Wilson, Co-Founder/COO - Localtone Systems

Having spent 23 years in broadcasting Phil is the "radio guy" at Localtone Systems, successfully building, managing, and marketing brands for both small and large broadcast companies including WLTE and the launch of Jack-FM here in Minneapolis. He has joined forces with Justin Grammens at Localtone Radio offering the opportunity for local musicians to share their music as well as discover how that music is received by listeners. is a place where local bands can actually be heard and he doesn't have to say, "Thanks for your input, I'll see if I can get that on." anymore. ( )

Moderated by Mei Young, former KQRS and Drive105 Announcer and Host/Producer of the local music specialty program “Homegrown

Mei brings 20 years of broadcast radio experience to this panel.

Topics and questions

-State of radio today (broadcast/HD/satellite/internet)

-Traditional radio promotions

-Radio promotions today

-How to approach media

-How do I pick my single?

-What to send in press packs