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Thursday, April 13, 2006

My friend Kari is on mnstories today.

Kari Tauring - Photo by David de Young

Kari Tauring, a musician and ritual performer in the Twin Cities whom I have known for a dozen years and worked with on events for about half that time, is today's mnstories feature, "Discovering Origins."

Despite being in attendance at every "Discovering Origins, Building Traditions" performance since 1999, it's the first time I've seen some of the footage in this piece. I was amazed at how well the short film captured the energy of the live shows, especially the spiral dance from the Cedar Cultural Center a couple Winter Solstice's ago.

Tauring's next show, a Beltaine (May Day) event called "How The Sap Does Rise" takes place May 1st at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Click here for ticket information.