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Friday, April 07, 2006

Mach Fox CD Release Party - Saturday, April 8th, Club Underground

Mach Fox - dancy, trancy electronica with a great 80s vibe. (Think Blondie, Yaz, Prince, or DAF.) There's something here for everyone to love, and this disc should keep you dancing. As Mach Fox is doing most everything right -- not the least of which is creating a niche as a showman who looks more like a life-size space movie action figure than a rock star -- it's a wonder he's not better known outside the electronic music scene. Mach (or Mark, as he's known to his friends) would also be a hit with fans on the indie rock scene. His female vocalist's voice at times recalls Annie Lenox at times, also not a bad thing.

Mach Fox has his CD Release Saturday night at Club Underground with Thosquanta, Severin24 and Oneneoeon. 9PM. $6 21+