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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Moondog Valentine

"Moondog Valentine"

There was this ring
around my moon
on St. Valentine's Eve;
a moondog I would have called it
when I was younger
and knew more.

Now moondog in the sky
was real faint
and whispy like,
made from cloudstuff,
and I had to stare real hard
just to see him at all.

So I just stood and stood there
and all the people who was walkin' past
thought I was strange or somethin'.

And I wondered if you seen him too--
big beautiful moondog--
and I wondered if you seen me
reflected in the sky
'cause I was there.

But maybe you never looked up.

And maybe there weren't even a moon
where you was
that night.

by David de Young
February 14th, 1984