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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

January Dodgeball results: HWTS staff accounts for 30% of top ten Twin Cities users

Minneapolis (in fifth place) still lags behind Portland (in fourth) and Seattle (in third) in the national Dodgeball tournament, but HowWasTheShow and friends continue to aid our dear Twin Cities in the battle. (And it's good to be kicking Chicago's ass in something. They placed tenth.)

In January, I came in at Number 3 locally with a scant 20 check-ins, while HWTS's Andrea Myers and Zosia Blue closed out the month at Number's 5 and 8.

I'm seriously thinking trying to recruit the Twin Cities Number 1 Dodgeball user (Aaron L.) and our friend Dave (who came in at Number 7 last month) to the HWTS staff to see if we can garner a 50% share of DBALL for February, 2006! Now that would be something to write home to Mom about.

Anyway, here are the top five venues in the Twin Cities as determined by us, i.e. as determined where we go. (It's so clicky it's obscene! I just love it.) And congratulations to the institutions to which we give our hard earned pay in exchange for libations.

1. Triple Rock Social Club
2. Turf Club
3. First Avenue and 7th Street Entry
4. Varsity Theater & Cafe des Artistes
5. Fineline Music Cafe

National Dodgeball championship "scores" for January, 2006
(based on number of check-ins, out of 22 cities)

1. New York
2. San Francisco (21%)
3. Seattle (12%)
4. Portland (6%)
5. Minneapolis (5%)
6. Los Angeles (4%)
7. Boston (3%)
8. Austin (3%)
9. San Diego (2%)
10. Chicago (<1%)