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Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'll be the guest on 89.3's "The Local Show" with Chris Roberts this Sunday at 5PM

I'll be the guest host of The Local Show with Chris Roberts on 89.3 "The Current" on Sunday, September 4th at 5PM. Don't worry. If you miss it, the show will be archived till doomsday on the show's homepage.

Chris Roberts is a friendly but challenging interviewer, which made for a little more formal and less folksy discussion than the ones I've had on Homegrown with Mei Young and Dave Campbell, Jason Nagel's Minnesota Music or Radio K's Music Lover's Club. Additionally, we taped the show at the end of a full workday for me, so I was feeling a little tired and zoned out, and I missed being able to look up dates and names on the CD covers (they were in the control room with Chris) or confirm information on the internet before opening my mouth. But overall, it think it went pretty well and I don't think I spread any more misinformation than usual.

Most importantly, I think the music I picked out makes for a good listen. 4 out of 5 songs I selected were from bands Chris had not previously played on his show. And I think a few of them may have even been 89.3 debuts.

Here's what you'll hear Sunday, interspersed with probably a bit too much babbling on my part:

  1. Dwindle ( - "someone else" (History is Easy) - Chris had played "alone deserved" on his show July 24th. I recently got this CD from Guilt Ridden Pop and have really enjoyed it.
  2. Murzik ( - "Bluebird"
  3. Fort Wilson Riot ( "Heir to a Throne" - On the drive home from the studio I started to wonder if this is actually the song we played. It's the one we planned on playing, and the one we announced. I guess we'll find out Sunday.
  4. Autobody Experience ( - "A Cave Beneath My Cube" (Forgotten Lots) - Autobody Experience is still going strong. They were one of the first local bands I recall seeing after moving to Minneapolis in the late 80's. Look for a live review on one of these days, as soon as I can get my schedule to jive with the band's erratic performance schedule.
  5. Wes Burdine and the Librarians ( - "A Sense of Duty" (This is How I Discovered Gold) - Wes Burdine is not only a thought-provoking songwriter, but a feisty and prolific political and music blogger as well. (

As an alternate song I had selected Free Range Pickin's "The Waiting," but we didn’t have time to play it. And I really wanted to play Lily Liver's "Movie Star," but neither Chris or I had a copy.


whb said...

Thanks for the nod, David. That's really cool of you.

David said...

My pleasure. I can't get "Sense of Duty" out of my head now. I need to get that Jose Canseco EP one of these days.