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Thursday, September 22, 2005

2005 MMA Awards

Dan Schultz captured this photo of me and Mark Wheat (above) before Jen Boyles and I made our MMA Awards Presenations Wednesday night.

Ross Raihala
has a full review of the event here. Chris Riemenschneider has his here. You can see Dan Schultz full photo set here, and my humble attempt at photojournalism here.

Below is my favorite photo of the night. Jen in the green room just before we went on to present.

Jen Boyles - in the green room before presenting

Oh, and this just in. Read Lindsay Thomas's great synopsis here. I agree with that the awards ceremony would be improved by being shortened. And it's true, that by about 1:15-1:30 when the event ended, the crowd was about half the size it was at 10 p.m.

And as far as the City Pages vs. HowWasTheShow in the "media" category goes, I couldn't agree more. It is indeed an honor to lose in such a David vs. Goliath contest. But City Pages winning best music media is like Prince winning best guitarist. It's probably a good idea to split out the print from web media in future years as it will also help ensure the nominees list includes more web media that deserve exposure, like DUNation, and Tiny Mix Tapes, and The Big Ticket, none of whom were even nominated in 2005.


Chuck Olsen said...

And of course, video over at Minnesota Stories!

Conrad and Tramped By Turtles and a little drunken Joey Molland.

Kate Galloway said...

There's not a lot we can do when presenters get, uh, carried away and when there are technical problems with the performers . You saw it yourself David, on paper, the show was supposed to be done (or have Mint Condition hit the stage) at 12:15am. That's pretty much an hour earlier than when it actually ended. We were ahead of schedule up until around 11:00pm. Then it all kind of went berserk. Believe me, the plans were never to go that long.

David said...

I should mention, in case I didn't make it clear, that of the 3 MMA's I've attended now, this was the best organized and most fun of the batch. Kate Galloway and Sonya Southward and all the organizers deserve much kudos for the energy they put into this one.

Maybe to shorten even more in the future, the Grammy model of having some awards presented "off camera" would help. Or (kidding now) don't let the presenters have any drinks until after they're done.

Kate Galloway said...

yeah, i think one of the things that's been done pretty much every year that should be scraped is the presenter "scripts". i say, just go up there, present the award and be done with it. less talk, more live music!! by the way, all of this year's performers KICKED ASS if i must say so myself. we were truly blessed to have them perform.