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Friday, June 17, 2005

Annoucing the 2005 European Rock and Roll Tour

The European Rock and Roll Tour 2005 starts in one week.

I've been writing this weekly column for nearly 3 months now. (Even though some people may not even realize these Friday roundups of what's going on in the Twin Cities music and arts scene are columns.)

Despite the fact that I'll be out of the country the next three Fridays, I'm going to at least still make an effort to continue this, though posts to the main website will totally cease until my return. In the blog you can expect reports about The UK's brand new Wireless Festival (where New Order headlines a show in Hyde Park in London a week from today featuring Moby, The Bravery, Graham Coxon, The Dears, The Psychadelic Furs, Rilo Kiley, The Dresden Dolls, Tegan & Sara and more), Denmark's Roskilde Festival (where Black Sabbath, Green Day, Velvet Revolver, Duran Duran, Snoop Dogg, Audioslave, The Mars Volta, Brian Wilson and Turbonegro will all take their turns on the mainstage the weekend after) and Dublin's Oxegen Festival (where I can play catchup with many of the bands I already mentioned that I may have missed due to scheduling conflicts) the weekend before I return home. I plan to leave my options open to attend one of the Live8 festivals in London, Paris or Berlin on Saturday, July 2nd, if for some reason a ticket to one of those comes my way.

Back here at home, there was finally a Friday where it was pretty easy for me to figure out what to do.

Forgive me if this scenario wasn't as obvious to you as it was to me: Early: Walt Mink Reunion show at the Triple Rock. Late: Vicious Vicious CD release at the Entry.

Walk Mink's performance at the Triple Rock will be recorded and filmed for a documentary. (At the time of writing, there were still tickets available, but this may not be true by door time at 5PM. Please check with the venue.) If you are going, keep in mind also that there are no openers and music is likely to start 30 to 45 minutes after door time, so arrive on time.

Vicious Vicious headline the Entry for their CD release party. Openers are Valet and Askeleton. (Read more in Chris Riemenschneider's weekly column here.)

Other musical options Friday:

  • The Bill Mike Band and Redstart with Annika-Bam - Cedar Cultural Center $8/10 7PM
  • Landing Gear / Whisper in the Noise / Ryan Lee - Uptown Bar
  • The Bottle Rockets w/ Luke Zimmerman - 400 Bar
  • Autumn Leaves / New Vintage (Baby Grant Johnson's New Wave Outfit) / Unstuck - Turf Club
  • The Mammy Nuns open for The Belfast Cowboys at Lee's Liquor Lounge. The SPMC Mobile Smoking Lounge (aka: _SmoLo_), which will be parked in Lee's lot. Show starts around 9:00 pm.

Pride Art Show

The Pride Art Show has its opening Reception at 7PM at the Calhoun Square Gallery on the 2nd floor of Calhoun Square - Admission is $5. There will be entertainment and refreshments and musician Future Lisa's Zeodrift Sculptures will be on display. (Incidentally, Lisa tells me her new CD is almost done and will be ready for a September 2005 release.) The Pride Art show will showcase different mediums from local and national GLBT artists and their supporters. It runs thru 7/2

More info at:
Add "King of Man" to Har Mar Superstar's appellations.

A recent communique from Meanfiddler (promoters of England's Reading and Leeds festivals, among other things) had this to say to promote two upcoming Har Mar shows in the UK: Part Rock n Roll part RnB all superstar! This King of Man walks vertically challenged through two towns for some exciting shows delivering his crafted lyrics and tight underpants into Camden's new re-furbished Koko and Madchesters Life Cafe. He plays the Life Café, Manchester July 4th and the Koko, London on July 6th. (And damn, I plan on being in Amsterdam those two days.)

Independent Film Channel promotes Friday Night Pulp

I got an email from man about town and local music supporter Rob "Tumble" Czernik, former ad sales guy for Pulse TC. He tells me he's working for the Independent Film Channel promoting their Friday Night Pulp Film series. Friday night he'll be at Grumpy's Downtown hosting the IFC Film Fanatic Challenge, which he calls "A Jeopardy-style trivia game, with real buzzers and everything!"
Everyone that plays is entered in a drawing, and you might win an iPod mini! And there's more: On June 30 you might win a Sony entertainment system, and whoever wins the TV system is entered in a drawing to go to Cannes.

Rob will be at Grumpys June 16 from 6-9pm, and the 17th and 18th from 9-12. He'll be back there on the 23rd from 6-9 and the 24th and 25th from 9-12.

The First Avenue Newsletter this week asks you to do your part and contact your congresspeople to make sure the 22nd Amendment is not repealed. (For those who forgot to finish their civics homework, the 22nd Amendment is the one that ensures that we're finally done with GW at the end of this term.)

This week's column will be in two installments. Tune in tomorrow for Saturday's recommendations.