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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Local Music with Chris Roberts on 89.3 The Current

Let's assume for one second that some of you reading this might be even more behind than I am. Otherwise, this is going to strike you as really, really old news.

89.3 The Current is doing an all local music show on Sunday's called The Local Show with Chris Roberts. I have remained faithful in my weekly recording of Minnesota Music on Cities 97, KQ Homegrown, listening to Radio K's Off The Record, etc., not knowing about this new hidden gem that airs on on 89.3 from 5-6 on Sundays. Fortunately, shows are archived going all the back to January 30th. And yes, I do intend to go back and listen all of them. Wish me luck. I'm starting now with Chris's "Almost All Request Hour" show of song requests from real music fans at the Turf Club that aired on Sunday.