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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

HowWasTheShow wins Best Locally Generated Website in City Pages "Best Of" Issue

You know that line from "I Palindrome I" by They Might Be Giants in that goes, "I am a snake head eating the head on the opposite side?"

That's what I feel like when I write about other media writing about me. is a winner of a City Pages "Best of" award this year in the category of "Best Locally Generated Website." (Read the article here, and see the full list of 2005 winners here.) 'Course if you are reading this because you came from the City Pages website, this link likely send you back from whence you came.

But seriously, it's an honor to be recognized, so we say thank you to our friends at the City Pages who voted for us. And I wanted to also thank the writers and photographers who contributed material in February who were not mentioned in the City Pages article, including Steve McPherson, Steve Wolf, Jim Brunzell, Emily Hanson, Kristen Hasler, David Rachac, Brian Marx, Helen Blodgett and our theater critic, Miguel Trejo.

I didn't realize how busy we actually were February until I read in today's City Pages that we published 18 concert reviews that month alone.

My friend Chris Dorn at The Hexagon received well-deserved Kudos as well for "Best Concert Venue," and it's there tonight that several of us "winners" plan to gather to celebrate starting at around 9 p.m. (Dan Israel, who won for Best Acoustic Performer, just emailed me to say he will also try to make it.)

If you want to join us, The Hexagon is at 2600 27th Avenue South (near Stardust Lanes.) DJ Jake Rudh (Reader's Choice "Best Of" winner in the Club DJ categeory again this year) will be spinning great tunes until midnight at his regular Wednesday night "Transmission" event.