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Sunday, October 12, 2003

I sing on the new Elbow album!

Yours truly is credited with backing vocals on Elbow's 2003 V2 Release, Cast of Thousands

Anna Lee is in London again this week. She just can't seem to stay away. Though she's hanging in my favorite town on earth, she's still disappointed she'll be missing tonight's Joe Henry show at the Fine Line that I will be covering for howwastheshow. This will be Joe Henry's first appearance since he played "This Afternoon," the moody first track from his new album "Tiny Voices" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Friday night. Opening for Henry at the Fine Line will be Minneapolis super group "The High Heels," featuring Bard Meier, Steve Price and Jerry Anderson.

From London, Anna Lee also writes in an email today: "I got your Elbow cd and yes, your name is certainly listed in it." Yea! I actually made the liner notes of Elbow's 2003 V2 release "Cast of Thousands" for the backing vocals I (and many others) lent to the song "Grace Under Pressure" at 2002's Glastonbury Festival. As the song ends, listen for me on the refrain, "We still believe in love, so fuck you!" I don't think I've belted out a repeated line like that with so much passion since I similarly screamed along with the Buzzcocks to the line, "There is no love in this world anymore!"

Don't believe me about my being on the CD yet? Open up the inside jacket, and you'll see my name to the left of the lyrics to "Fugitive Motel" right between the lines "From my room in my fugitive motel" and "Somewhere in the dust bowl," right by the crease in the CD jacket.