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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Jayhawks big in Sweden

The other day I was reading the howwastheshow referral logs (which I read religiously) and found it interesting that someone is hawking the second CD from the Jayhawks new album Rainy Day Music on eBay by linking into my review of the show at the Women's Club. You can see the sales pitch here. Of course we realize it's not exactly a rare recording as the first pressings of the CD all included the special second disk which features live recordings as well as demos produced by Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studios.

And speaking of the Jayhawks, I failed to mention the other day that on my brief trip into Sweden, I stopped in a local record shop to notice that Rainy Day music was one of the top featured CD's at the listening station and that their complete discography was located front and center right by the front door. Having been a fan of theirs for years, I wish them increasing international success, as they surely deserve it as much as any band playing today.

I've checked out of my Copenhagen hotel now and in a few hours time will fly out of here to London to meet up with the fabulous designer, Miss Anna Lee of Ruby3. Her website has just come online, so there's not much there yet but a photo of one of her signature hats. For more of her work, however, you can check out photographer Steven Wolfe's website" to see highlights of her part of the Fresh Faces showcase at First Avenue in May.