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Friday, July 18, 2003

Flavor wants everyone to know they're playing at Bunkers on Saturday

According to their website, the local rock quartet Flavor play music "with a pop/rock sensibility laced with funky hooks, latin rhythms and soulful melodies." The local band who formed in 2001 wanted so badly to let people to know about their gig tomorrow night at Bunkers in Minneapolis (Saturday, July 19th) that they hung four large banners on the overpass over 35W near the I94 interchange to get the word out. How many people pass under that bridge during a typical Friday afternoon rush hour I don't know, but let's just assume it's in the low tens of thousands.

I'm not sure how such shameless promotion flies with either the authorities or the club hosting the gig, but it certainly was a good way to get the word out. Oddly enough, the gig advertised above the freeway isn't listed on the band's own website or the show bible I use, The Twin Cities Alternative Shows List.

However, if only one in a hundred people who saw the sign show up tomorrow night, it won't take long for Bunkers to reach capacity. From what I've heard about the band, fans of Sting, Dave Matthews and Jamariquai might enjoy what they hear if they choose to go. Being a closet fan of shameless promotion myself, you might even find me there. But don't look for any banners hanging over any freeway interchanges anytime in the near future. Link exchanges with Pulse Twin Cities and other sites are about all I'm ready for right now.