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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

So, it's Wednesday already. I'm finally giving the Monarques demo I picked up from Nate Grumdahl at Friday's opening festivities at the Triple Rock a serious and uninterrupted listen. (Or as uninterrupted as possible given the fact that I'm at work.)

Two weeks from tomorrow I board a plane for Denmark and the
Roskilde Festival. Much of the time I might have spent going to shows or writing reviews is being devoted to important details required before leaving the country. This new blog is the solution.

Howwastheshow started as a blog anyway, some 15 months ago now. What comes around goes around. This blog will also give me a way to disseminate information to those who remain statesite whilst I trampse through the green fields of Denmark, Germany, Belgium, England and ultimately Ireland to see the fabulous Har Mar Superstar perform at the Witnness Festival on July 12th.

The Monarques disk calls itself a demo. But it's much better than that. This is a collection of songs by a band that clearly knows what it's doing. It's one of the best local demos I've heard in a while, and it's no wonder Har Mar chose them to back him on his rendition of Whole Lotta Love a few weeks back. For now I can only say I think Monarques are going big places. If you don't start paying attention to them now, in a few months you're going to find yourself wondering where the next great Twin Cities band came from.

Friday's Triple Rock opening was something I wouldn't have missed for the world. I'm usually there on the last days of things, so I thought it would be nice to get in on the ground floor for a change. I was there the last night of the 24 Bar back in 1994. I was of course there in the Fine Line fire and am still waiting for that club to re-open.

Next stop a review of the Triple Rock's opening night on Friday, June 6th.