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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Festival Finale

They will kick us out of here eventually. 10 minutes of free, unfettered internet access from the festival site. I just saw Massive Attack, who had a light show that rivals the Matrix's special effects. Information overload to say the least. Before that, Queens of the Stone Age, with a near fully clothed bass player (surprise.) But it's freezing cold here, rainy and nearly ugly. Yo La Tengo didn't warm me as much as I hoped, but The Datsuns kicked ass (more later with tons of photos.) I got inner circle and enjoyed, enjoyed, enjoyed.

What next? There's an intentional sort of reverse diaspora here at Roskilde. In about 5 minutes, Bjork plays the Orange Stage. She's the only act scheduled for 10 p.m., so the idea is everyone goes there. I'm about 5 minutes walk from front and center, and will have more to report soon.

Met some English, from the Isle of Man. Nice folks. Chatted about Reading. Told them to check out Har Mar Superstar.

Think I'm drunk. Not sure. Maybe it's just the internet tent that's starting to sway.

I'm told they stop serving beer at 4:30 a.m. Damn. Only six and a half more hours to drink.