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Friday, September 04, 2009

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers new split LP due out soon

Is there an award for best song titles? On their new split LP with Divorce Force, Little Lebowski Urban Achievers would be in the running for it if there were.

It's a toss up between "Someone's too good for the dollar menu" and "Listen here, Eddie Van Halen" for my favorites.

Read on.

For immediate release: September 4, 2009:

LLUA and Divorce Force announce album details, release show

The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers and The Divorce Force have announced the tracklisting and released the cover art (attached) for their split LP due out next week. The LLUA portion of the split is titled "Get This Low Life a High Life" while The Divorce Force side is titled "Whose Land Have You Occupied?". You can hear a sneak peak at LLUA's myspace page where they have posted the track "You could be a supermodel with a mole like that".

The album will be pressed on vinyl and include a cd-r copy inside. It will also be available on iTunes in the coming weeks. LLUA will celebrate the release of the album next week where they will be performing at First Avenue for The Onion's Lebowski Fest.

Tracklisting is as follows:

LLUA "Get This Low Life a High Life"
1. What are you going to do with Rip Van Winkle over there?
2. You could be a supermodel with a mole like that
3. My tolerance is at an all-time high
4. Someone's too good for the dollar menu
5. Listen here, Eddie Van Halen

The Divorce Force "Whose Land Have You Occupied?"
1. The Creeps
2. So right, right now
3. Jon
4. Conquerors
5. Marquee
6. Grassfire