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Monday, May 25, 2009

Mars to Mercury's English Rock Set at England Swings VIII was amazing

Thanks to Debbie Donovan's videos, you too can experience what went down at the Fine Line Saturday as Mars to Mercury ripped through their 20 minute England Swings VIII set in medley format. The boys are to be congratulated as much for their arrangement of these songs as for the performance of them.

Songs in this medley include Def Leppard's "Too Late for Love," as well as songs from The Cult, The Babys, UFO, Iron Maiden, Billy Idol, Black Sabbath, with a couple other surprises thrown in.

More videos to come.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


kathy said...

We stoppped in to grab a drink and found ourselves in shock at this band calling themselves "mars to mercury"! Who in the hell are they? We, six of us from New York on business, couldn't believe the sound they were putting out!

The assortment of songs and how they blended them was truly amazing.

We rocked out for 20 minutes and then talked about them for the rest of the night. Thanks for the fun!!

We see bands all the time and this band will go somewhere.