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Monday, February 09, 2009

The Hexagon Bar - Benefit to raise money for new sound equipment

The Hexagon Bar is doing a fundraiser for much needed new sound components on Friday Feb. 13th. 13 bands on 2 stages with 13 minute sets. (If that's still not enough, to get you totally ready for Valentines Day, there's also a secret special 14th guest, and I'm not tellin' because I want to help them keep it a secret, I'm not tellin' because I don't know.)

Here's the line up in reverse order (*indicates stage 2)

1:15(ish) special guests
12;45 speeds the name
12:30 power of two*
12:15 plastic chord
12:00 marvelle*
11:45 economy team
11:30 zyclon b cool*
11:15 the nina the pinta
11:00 nightinghales*
10:45 young brides
10:30 falcon arrow*
10:15 kill to kill
10:00 the hasbeen*
9:45 military special


Derek said...

Thanks for the coverage!

Anonymous said...

I saw this and felt compelled to point out that there's another fundraiser at the Hex the day after this one. The cause is to purchase thermostats to measure the heat in low-rent apartment buildings. The thermostats will prove that landlords aren't heating their buildings, thus forcing them to turn up the heat for poor families in the winter. I'm not personally involved in this, but a buddy of mine is and I'll definitely be attending the show. Jenny Dalton, Solid Gold, Cryns #3 and The Brutes are all gonna play.

Learn more here:

Anonymous said...

Is Solid Gold, actually playing? I thought it was just a dj set.