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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Still seeking 24 Bar on Hennepin Memorabilia

I finally got a frame for this 14-year-old piece of history that had been rolled up for years in my basement. And this evening I took a stab at taking a photo of it that might help motivate people to dig up some of their own 24 Bar photos and memorabilia.

The poster you see on this page, if my memory serves me, was assembled by Kevin ____, lead singer of the Minneapolis band Pop Smear, who played on the bill the second to last day of the bar's operation, Saturday, February 26th, 1994.

The 24 Bar on Hennepin (along with the historic Berman Buckskin Building) was demolished shortly thereafter to make way for the US Bank building which now stands in its stead. Sadly, this was about 2-3 years before people began self-documenting the music scene on the internet so there are next to no photos on the interwebs (that I have been able to find anyway) of the venue itself or the bands that used to play there.

I and a few others have soldiered away the past couple years getting at least a few basic facts posted to the Minnewiki entry for the 24 Bar, and
if your band played there, I encourage you to also add its name to the list.

If you are aware of any webpages that have links to 24 Bar-related info, please leave in the comments. Or feel free to send info or anecdotes to me at david[at] and I'll make sure they are filed away safely so those fab kids from the future won't have to use their Way Back Machines just to get at them.


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on to your site. I was in POPSMEAR and remember those days well. Kevin's last name was Carrol (sp?) Sadly he is no longer with us.
On a lighter note... I think I have misc. fliers, articles, and even video of those days at the 24 I would have to do some digging.

David said...

Reggie, that is sad to hear about Kevin. I would love to see any photos or fliers. I remember some stellar Pop Smear shoes. I remember Kevin had some awesome style and would shimmy on the lower stair of the stage in his cool buckle shoes. Once he even walked along the railing on the side of the stage holding onto the ceiling for balance. Great band, great band name.

Anonymous said...

Kevin did have style. Alot of people actually knew him as 'Mick' due to his stylistic similarities to the famed Stones front man.
I'm glad you remember those days too as they were some of the funnest times I had. I remember a local paper writing about that last weekend @ the 24 and referring to us as "one of Mpls' drunkest bands"! I could tell stories but this probably isn't the proper place. Anyhow, I will look for all that stuff.