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Monday, December 31, 2007

Star Tribune Twin Cities Critics Tally 2007

I turned in my top ten albums list in on time, but since I didn't make deadline with the rest of my response, I humbly post all my responses to the annual poll below.

My Best local albums of 2007

  1. Ed Ackerson – self-titled
  2. Stook – When the Needle Hits the Wax
  3. Terry Eason – Sentimental Vanity
  4. To Kill a Petty Bourgoisie –The Patron
  5. James Buckley Trio - Stitches
  6. Evening Rig – Never Been’r
  7. Alarmists – Ghost and the Hired Gun
  8. Glad Version – Make Islands
  9. White Light Riot – Atomism
  10. Twin Town High Music Yearbook - Various

My Best local songs of 2007
  1. Baby Guts - Staplegun
  2. Dance Band - Shake Your Baby Maker
  3. Dan Wilson – Cry
  4. Ed Ackerson – Wired Weird
  5. Stook – Lovesick Firecracker

My Best live acts of 2007
  1. Gospel Gossip
  2. MC/VL
  3. Mouthful of Bees
  4. Dance Band
  5. Big Trouble

My No. 1 sign the local music scene was alive and well in 2007:

The Mad Ripple Hootenany and catching such acts there as Golden Smog, Elvis Perkins, Marc & Janey, and many other fresh songwriters. Hearing Phil Solem of the Rembrandt’s perform “I’ll Be There For You” with Ryan Smith of the Melismatics was truly another 2007 “you shoulda been there” Hoot moment.

Read the entire report in the Star Tribune:


David said...

Oh, and I should have added these in. The Star Trib only asked for my top 10 albums, but my local list continued on as follows:

11. Romantica - America
12. City On The Make
13. The 757s - Tell The Pilgrims It's a Potluck
14. Gospel Gossip - Sing Into My Mouth
15. Mouthful of Bees -
16. Dan Israel - Turning
17. Mark Olson - Salvation Blues