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Monday, August 20, 2007

June 21st, 1977

June 21st, 1977

Elvis stopped, twice; grinning sidelong
That toothy, twinkling, contagious smile,
Then continued on. “Unchained Melody.”

That night he held the world in his arms and squeezed.
“I need your love, I need your love.”
Six Tuesdays later he was still squeezing,

But on Wednesday I got up, and Elvis did not.
It’s 30 years later. We should remember
Our mothers. We should sing for them

While we can.

by David de Young, 8/20/07

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Youtube Video of "Unchained Melody" from a Rapid City, South Dakota performance taped for the CBS-TV special: Elvis In Concert, June 21st, 1977.