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Friday, April 13, 2007

HowWasTheShow monthly podcast now available on

The April Edition of the monthly HowWasTheShow does is online now!

This month's songs:

* Charley Dush - “Two Lonely Travellers” (selected by Dave Rachac)
* Walker Kong - “We Are the Falling Stars” (selected by Jen Paulson)
* Baby Guts - “Staple Gun” (selected by David de Young)
* Western Fifth - “Lose Yourself” (selected by Pat O'Brien)
* Abzorbr - “Sleepy Dreamer” (selected by Andrea Myers)


Direct podcast link

(Did you somehow miss last month's show? Tony over at Minneapoliscast kindly has left the old shows archived. Listen to March's HowWasTheShow podcast here.)