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Friday, March 23, 2007

Voltage: Fashion Amplified 2007 CD and listening party

Date: March 21st, 2007
From: VOLTAGE: Fashion Amplified



Voltage: Fashion Amplified Announces the Release of the 2007 Compilation CD and Transmission Listening Party

Minneapolis, MN, March 2007 Voltage: Fashion Amplified is excited to announce the release of the 2007 Voltage Compilation CD. Voltage has brought together one of the most diverse group of musical acts yet for this year's show, and some of their best songs are captured on this compilation. The CD will celebrate its official release at Transmission by Jake Rudh at Club Jaeger in downtown Minneapolis on Wednesday, April 4th.

The 11-song compilation produced with the support of Noiseland Industries and Rare Form Mastering includes Dance Band's booty movin' grooves, Black Blondie's sounds of soul filled trip hop jazz, and the powerhouse indie rock sound of The Plastic Constellations. And that's only three of the six bands featured.

David De Young, who coordinated the CD this year had this to say: "The 2007 Voltage compilation is the third I've worked on, and even more than the previous discs, this one really kicks you in the pants. Not only does it rock harder, it also excels in diversity by including fun vocal-based sing-along's from the God Damn Doo Wop Band, a killer yet-to-be-released track from The Mood Swings, and some of my favorite songs from the Alarmists' first EP."

The CD can be purchased for ($10) at select Twin Cities independent music stores such as Roadrunner Records, Electric Fetus and Treehouse Records, or at Voltage on April 11th at First Avenue. Proceeds go to benefit Springboard for the Arts "Artist's Access To Healthcare Program."

The 2007 Voltage Compilation CD Track listing:

1. The Alarmists – "She Will Love Again (Hey Kid)"
2. The Plastic Constellations – "Phoenix and the Faultline"
3. The Mood Swings – "Finest Line"
4. Dance Band – "Pedal Power"
5. God Damn Doo Wop Band – "Talk Too Much"
6. The Alarmists – "New Romans"
7. The Plastic Constellations – "We Came To Play"
8. The Mood Swings – "Simple Things"
9. Dance Band – "Best Dance Alliance (featuring Best Friends Forever)"
10. God Damn Doo Wop Band – "Rooftops of Bangor"
11. Black Blondie - "Knife Fights and Xmas Lights"


Voltage: Fashion Amplified is the Midwest's premier rock and fashion show. Through its annual events, Voltage seeks to foster collaboration, engender community and unite music and fashion while providing a national forum for local talent.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I can't really comment on what you have just written here, but did want to give more of a general 'shout out'. I came upon your blog while using search words for some Minneapolis band or another. The key giveaway was in your references to Grinnell College. I think you approved me for some reason for a radio show there once. While I had been massively into music (and volunteered at KFAI writing PSA's as a wee teen), I had no idea of how to present a radio show other than shits and giggles. But it was a fun experience, as short lived as it was. Just wanted to say thanks for that vote of confidence at the time (or were there no other applicants?). Anyway, good to see you have a creative job/lifestyle, whilst promoting local (and other) musicians. Peace.0