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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

King Straggler w/ Future Lisa and Friends featuring David de Young - 331 Club tonight

Tonight (6/14) at the 331 Club ($0!)

King Straggler w/ Future Lisa and Friends featuring David de Young ( )

David will play 3 songs sometime between 9 and 10 p.m. (completely different songs from the Turf Club set two weeks ago.) Set list and links to low-fi home demos below:

  1. I Like It ( )
  2. Wendy (singalong is expected on the "Wendy, Wendy, Wendy" part, so learn the song here: )
  3. 1984 (Never recorded, as the year references must be constantly updated to keep it current.)
What people are saying about David de Young:

"Touching on universal themes, such as girls, drinking and girls who like drinking, [David de Young] colored a musical palette that focused mainly on the beiges, but worked its way into the tans and even the light browns." - David Rachac,

"Nobody's ever going to mistake Mr. de Young for Al Green (or hell, even Dennis De Young)." - Steve McPherson, Pulse Twin Cities

More info:

Future Lisa will host the night and play between friends. Friends for this show are: David de Young (, David Beckey (Autumn Leaves), Bryan Miller (Codger, Future Lisa), Paul Collette, Rich Horton ( Rift Magazine), Shakey, the Shaman (Shakey, the Shaman Show), Caveman (GeeAsInJesus), and KING STRAGGLER.

King Straggler is a 5 piece group out of Hollywood, fronted by three actors, one of whom (John Hawkes, lead role in HBO's Deadwood and the movies Identity, Perfect Storm, You and Me and Everyone We Know) is from Alexandria, MN.


smokewizzard said...

I saw Dave play his few songs and thought they were not only good but his lyrics were pretty funny as he told dry (yet funny) jokes regarding girls and his age appropriate songs.

The King Straggler Band put on a great performance. My favorite part of the show was that 331 Bartender Jessy Greene ran home and grabbed her violin and played along for at least 6 or 7 songs. This was pretty impressive considering she had never heard any of thier original tunes. The sound mix was great, it wasn't to loud. The band had acoustic guitars and brushes for drums which was smart seeing that the tin cielings and slate floor can make the room really loud.

Future Lisa made me feel uncomfortable, I liked her outfit, but thought that the pelvec keyboard thrusts were hard to watch and vocals were harder to listen to.

I had a great time.