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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

HowWasTheShow Presents The TV Sound CD Release Party Friday at the Varsity

HowWasTheShow is sponsoring your mandatory weekend kick-off dance party.

Friday night, at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, The TV Sound will unveil their long-awaited, self-titled, full-length CD. Come find out why Andrea Myers called the band that's been getting some play on 89.3 The Current lately "irresistably rhythmic." (I can attest that the last TV Sound show at the Nomad was one of the only times I have ever seen my assistant editor dance.) Read Andrea's review of the band's new CD here.

I've only seen the The TV Sound on small stages since their stunning performance on the First Avenue Mainstage at Voltage, 2005 where they perhaps combined the music and fashion parts of their performance more seamlessly than any other band. Here's your chance to see them on the large Varsity stage where they will have room to shine, and where the sound and light show are always guaranteed to be a hit.

This World Fair
and the Alarmists open. The show is 18+, costs $6 and starts at 9PM.

HowWasTheShow will be on hand with some of our new swag, so be sure to drop by and say hi (if we're not all out on the dancefloor.)


blipzandstripz said...

If you get this before showtime tonight (May 18, 2006) can you please e-mail me with the Varsity Theater's camera policy? I'm not having any luck finding it on their website and don't feel good about "crotching it" like at First Ave. Am an amatuer photog and professional Twilight Singers fan who hopes to be able to take a camera in without last-second evasion techniques. Any info you (or anybody) can give me would be appreciated. Email at:

David said...

Photo policies are not normally determined by venues as much as artists, though the venues often have their own venue-specific policy, like the Fine Line's industry standard "first three songs only, no flash" guideline.

I recommend you contact the venue first, and be upfront. If it's "photo pass only" you'll need to contact the band's publicist ahead of time so the venue knows to have a photo pass for you.