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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Turf Club gets website makeover

Remember the old Turf Club website, where the calendar defaulted to about five months ago, and even if you managed to scroll forward to more recent history or the current month there were only two or three shows per week filled in?

Well, today the Turf Club announced a website makeover. Check out for their new website done by web designer by Don Vu.

Speaking of the Turf, smoke 'em if you got 'em while you can. The St. Paul music club goes smoke free on Thursday March 30th. Chooglin', Bridge Club and Cockfight play the club's first smoke-free show.


Anonymous said...

the show is actually the LAST NIGHT you can smoke in St. I'm told

Anonymous said...

yea, i'm not sure which site looks worse... the old one or the new one.

i hope the turf didn't pay money for it.

rocknrollstar said...

Great improvement over the old site, that's for sure!

BTW, looks like you got a couple of great bands lined up for the HWtS anniversary party 5/27/06... Looking forward to it already.