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Friday, February 11, 2005

Melissa Maerz "heads to Spin."

DJ Melissa Maerz at the Hexagon Bar on Groundhog's Day, 2005.

I am so jealous of Ross Raihala's great headline in his column today at the Pioneer Press that I'm tempted to steal it from him. "Maerz Heads to Spin," he said today. And all this time I thought she only had one!

But seriously, within a month, Melissa Maerz will be leaving the City Pages where she has most recently been Arts Editor after holding down the post of Music Editor for several years before that. Melissa will be taking the position of Reviews Editor at Spin Magazine in New York City.

I just wanted to raise my own voice in saying how much I will personally and professionally miss Melissa Maerz for what she brought to the Twin Cities in the way of high class music journalism and her support for the arts over the past several years.

You'll have a chance to say goodbye to Melissa on Wednesday, February 23rd at her going away party at the Turf Club featuring some of her favorite bands: Friends Like These, Revolver Modele, Melodious Owl, and Thunder in the Valley.

The photo accompanying this text was taken last Wednesday night at the Hexagon Bar where DJ Melissa Maerz was filling in for Jake Rudh in his weekly Transmission dance night.