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Monday, October 04, 2004

Music and Politics - There and back again

Some readers noticed part of one of my recent blog entries quoted in today's Metro/State section of the Star Tribune. Read the article "They like the music, not the politics" by Mark Brunswick if you missed it.

I have a confession that I was only guessing in August that Toby Keith was a Bush supporter when I wrote my original blog entry regarding Governor Pawlenty's disappointment that Bruce Springsteen had come out in apparent support of John Kerry. Read my original piece about the Governor here.

Then check out Jon Bream's interview with Toby Keith from October 3rd, and the Star Trib roster of who's rooting for whom for more on the subject of where various musicians stand on the presidential race. The biggest surprise on that list might be Aerosmith's Steven Tyler supporting Bush, but if you think about it for a minute Steve and George are known to have shared some of the same, uh tastes in the past.