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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Surrealism at the Hexagon Bar

Jeaneen Gauthier sings over a can of Bud at the Elliot Smith Tribute. That's Ciaran Daly's right arm on the left as he grabs a mic, and Jacques Wait on bass.

The Ouija Radio/Melismatics show at the Triple Rock ended early enough Friday night that I was still able to hightail it to the Hexagon Bar to catch the end of the Elliott Smith Tribute Show staged by Chris Dorn and friends. However, by the time I arrived the show had degenerated into craziness, with coincidentally Ouija Radio producer Jacques Wait on stage playing bass in an impromptu "band" that was covering Blondie and Fleetwood Mac with various musicians swapping in and out of the group, including Sean Hoffman on drums and Janeen Gunther on vocals. I must say this was one of the most bizarre, goddawful and weird musical phenomena I’ve stumbled into in a while. Did I mention goddawful?

It was just the end of the show that was bad, however. I heard that the Elliott Smith Tribute itself featured several ethereal performances, and a goosebump razing performance by Erik Kassel.

Turnout, was also very good, leaving more than a dozen of us dumped out onto the sidewalk after 2 a.m. looking for the after-party.